New State Directors' Orientation Tutorial

The New Directors Orientation Tutorial is made up of 14 self-paced modules to assist in learning basic program requirements.

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SOSOSY Dissemination Event 2014
Aiming For Success: OSY Strategies and Resources for your State

The SOSOSY Dissemination Event in November provides a forum for migrant educators to understand the challenges faced by migrant out-of-school youth, the opportunities available to ameliorate the problems those challenges pose, and the best practices that have been developed and implemented by the SOSOSY Consortium. Participants will have opportunities to pose questions and engage the presenters in discussion. The presenters will be comprised of members of the SOSOSY Technical Support Team (TST), representatives from our national partners, as well as other recognized practitioners in the area of service to out-of-school youth.

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Stories from the Field...

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State Profiles

State profiles containing key information about each State's MEP are provided in order to facilitate interstate and intrastate coordination.

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