Office of Migrant Education Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit

Complete Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit
pdf file iconMigrant Education Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit: A Tool for State Migrant Directors

Sections with Appendices
pdf file iconSection A: Introduction & Overview
pdf file iconSection B: Overview of Statutes, Regulations, and Non-regulatory Guidance Related to the Comprehensive Needs Assessment
pdf file iconSection C: Developing a Management Plan for the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Process
pdf file iconSection D: Creating a Needs Assessment Committee
pdf file iconSection E: Creating a Migrant Student Profile
pdf file iconSection F: Identifying Concerns
pdf file iconSection G: Writing Need Indicators and Recommending Data Sources
pdf file iconSection H: Developing a Data Collection Plan and Collecting Data
pdf file iconSection I: Analyzing Data and Writing Need Statements
pdf file iconSection J: Proposing Specific Solutions
pdf file iconSection K: Recommending Priority Solutions
pdf file iconSection L: Writing the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Report
pdf file iconSection M: Making the Best Use of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Editable Appendix Files
microsoft word file iconAppendix C.3: Template for a Timeline and Plan for the CNA Process
microsoft word file iconAppendix D.1: Needs Assessment Committee Nominations Chart
microsoft word file iconAppendix G.1: Linking Concerns, Needs, and Data Table
microsoft word file iconAppendix G.3: Activity for Developing Need Indicators and Identifying Data Sources
microsoft word file iconAppendix G.4: Sample from Concern Statement to Need Indicator Handout
microsoft word file iconAppendix H.6: Template for Data Collection Plan
microsoft word file iconAppendix H.8: Template for Data Collection Plan for Need Indicator
microsoft word file iconAppendix I.2: Template for Developing a Need Statement
microsoft word file iconAppendix J.3: Summary Worksheet for Proposed Solutions
microsoft powerpoint file iconAppendix J.4: Comprehensive Needs Assessment Work Group - Sample PowerPoint
microsoft word file iconAppendix K.1: Cause and Consequence Analysis Worksheet
microsoft word file iconAppendix M.1: Template for a Comprehensive Needs Assessment Dissemination Plan

Webinar Materials - August 21, 2012
microsoft powerpoint file icon Webinar PowerPoint: Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit
audio icon Webinar Audio Recording