Office of Migrant Education Program Evaluation Toolkit

Complete Toolkit
pdf file iconMigrant Education Program Evaluation Toolkit: A Tool for State Migrant Directors

Sections with Appendices
pdf file iconSection A: Introduction & Overview
pdf file iconSection B: Overview of Statutes, Regulations, and Non-regulatory Guidance Related to Program Evaluation
pdf file iconSection C: Planning the Evaluation
pdf file iconSection D: Collecting Evaluation Data
pdf file iconSection E: Analyzing and Interpreting Data
pdf file iconSection F: Communicating Evaluation Findings
pdf file iconSection G: Using Evaluation Findings

Editable Appendix Files
microsoft word file iconAppendix C.1: Setting Measureable Program Outcomes
microsoft word file iconAppendix C.2: Evaluation Timeline Template
microsoft word file iconAppendix D.1: Simple Evaluation Matrix Template
microsoft word file iconAppendix D.2: Complex Evaluation Matrix Template

Webinar Materials - August 9, 2012
microsoft powerpoint file icon Webinar PowerPoint: Program Evaluation Toolkit
audio icon Webinar Audio Recording: click here to play

Webinar - Program Evaluation: Strategies and Tools - June 6, 2013
audio icon Webinar recording includes audio and visual display, click here to play: “Program Evaluation: Strategies and Tools,”
pdf file icon Evaluation Part I, June, 2013

Webinar - The MEP Evaluation Checklist: A Guide for Evaluation - June 10, 2013
audio icon Webinar recording includes audio and visual display, click here to play: “The MEP Evaluation Checklist”
pdf file icon MEP Revised Evaluation Checklist, June, 2013
pdf file icon Evaluation Part II, June, 2013

Webinar - Tier II States: Evaluation Report Requirements - May 28, 2014

The Office of Migrant Education (OME) provided a MEP Evaluation webinar for "Tier II States" on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. The purpose of this webinar was to deliver technical assistance to State Directors who may be developing a plan for an evaluation report, creating an evaluation report, or who had recently submitted an evaluation report. During this webinar, OME answered specific evaluation questions posed by MEP Directors. Participants from the August, 2013 evaluation webinars were also invited to attend to present questions that might have arisen since that webinar was conducted.