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Contact Information

Office of Migrant Education

The Office of Migrant Education
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-6135

PHONE: (202) 260-1164
FAX: (202) 205-0089

Technical Support

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State Program Contact Information

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Our Team

Program Director's Office

Lisa C. Gillette
Phone: 202-260-1164

Cassandra McCord-Jones
Program Support Assistant
Phone: 202-260-1164

MEP Team

Patricia Meyertholen
Group Leader
MSIX Project Manager
Phone: 202-260-1394

Preeti Choudhary
MSIX Team, Data & Evaluation Team, Program Officer Region 7
Phone: 202-453-5736

Jessenia Guerra
Policy Team, Program Officer Regions 1 & 2
Phone: 202-453-7051

Christopher D. Hill
Data & Evaluation Team Lead, Program Officer Region 6
Phone: 202-453-6061

Sarah Martinez
MEP Team Lead, Policy Team Lead, Program Officer Regions 3, 9, & 10
Phone: 202-260-1334

Michael Meltzer
Program Officer Regions 4 & 5
Phone: 202-453-6068

Benjamin Starr
MSIX Project Lead, Program Officer Region 8
Phone: 202-245-8116


Steven Carr
HEP/CAMP Team Lead, Program Officer
Phone: 202-260-2067

Millicent Bentley-Memon
Group Leader
Phone: 202-401-1427

Abbey Frady
Program Officer
Phone: 202-453-7032

Christopher D. Hill
Program Officer
Phone: 202-453-6061

Iztlali Ortiz
LEE Fellow

OME Data and Evaluation Team

Christopher D. Hill
Data & Evaluation Team Lead
Phone: 202-453-6061

Preeti Choudhary
Program Analyst
Phone: 202-453-5736