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GOSOSY Goal Setting Materials

GOSOSY created Goal Setting materials to give service providers and students a platform to discuss the importance of setting goals and the tools to get there. Those working many years in migrant education noticed that students—out of school youth (OSY) in particular—are often unsure when asked about their goals. Many have never had the opportunity to really think about what they would like to accomplish in their lives—academically or otherwise. These materials will assist in helping OSY achieve their goals. GOSOSY thanks the Goal Setting Work Group for their hard work in the development of these materials: Emily Hoffman (MA), Joyce Bishop (AL), Margot DiSalvo (FL), Sarah Braun-Hamilton (VT), April Dameron (IA), and Rachel Beech (KS).

These materials assist states in meeting the GOSOSY objectives:

  • 75% of OSY with a Learning Plan (LP) will attain an average of 50% of the learning/achievement objectives
  • Attendance by 54 OSY (consortium wide) at Goal Setting Workshops and attain acceptable or above average score on GSW rubric

How Will You Grow? Setting Goals with OSY - Instructor Guide will assist service providers from the very beginning in the discussion about goals. The guide helps to explain the difference between a vision and a goal; how short- and medium-term goals are necessary in order to accomplish a long-term goal; why visual reminders are important to have during the process; and how a growth mindset affects the entire process; plus many other tools and resources. The book is broken into three chapters for use depending upon the setting - one-on-one, group, and virtual.

The Student Goal Book (English, Spanish) belongs to each student and will be personalized with his/her notes, exercises, and memories. This tool is aligned with the Instructors Guide so that service providers and students may work alongside each other in a step-by-step way.

For additional Goal Setting materials and resources, visit GOSOSY’s website,